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About Us

Promoting the Pharmacy Profession Since 1886

With over 130 years of advocating for the pharmacy industry and serving South Dakota’s pharmacists, the South Dakota Pharmacists Association is well respected across the state. Our detailed and rich history has paved the way for today’s leaders and district officers to continue our growth for years to come.

Image of attendees of the South Dakota Pharmacists Annual Convention in Madison, SD 1896

South Dakota Pharmacists Annual Convention | Madison, SD 1896

SDPhA History - Where We Came From

The South Dakota Pharmacists Association was originally created at a meeting of pharmacists from across the then Territory of Dakota in 1886. Meeting at the Mitchell Hotel in the City of Mitchell, our 38 founding members developed and adopted a constitution, by-laws and a code of ethics. Out of this meeting, the Southern District Pharmaceutical Association of the Territory of Dakota was born.

Since then, yearly meetings have been held to discuss current issues in the pharmacy profession, learn about new medication therapies, exciting advancements and opportunities and provide the grounds for social activity. This tradition continues today at the South Dakota Pharmacists Association Annual Convention.

Over the years, our association has worked through the ups and downs of the pharmacy profession, changes in technology and new legislation to continue striving for the best for pharmacists in South Dakota. We vow to continue to promote, serve and protect the pharmacy profession for years to come.