Officers, Staff and Affiliates

South Dakota Pharmacists Association leadership and staff have years of combined knowledge and expertise in the pharmacy profession, and work to lead the SDPhA in the right direction for the future. You can meet our officers and staff, including our student leaders, here.

South Dakota Pharmacists Association Executive Director

Amanda Bacon
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South Dakota Pharmacists Association Board of Directors

  • Dana Darger - President
  • Kristen Carter - President-Elect
  • Melissa Gorecki - Vice President 
  • Jessica Strobl – Treasurer
  • Bernie Hendricks - At-Large Board Member
  • Andy Tonneson - At-Large Board Member
  • Lori Ollerich - Immediate Past President
  • John Thorns - Technician Member
  • Amelia Koster, SDSU College of Pharmacy – Student Member
  • Katelynn Jackson, SDSU College of Pharmacy - Student Member

American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists, SDSU Chapter - SCAPP/APhA-asp

  • President - Anna Mohr
  • President Elect - Peter Stoffel 
  • Immpediate Past President -Natalie Sovell  
  • SCAPP/APhA-ASP’s SDPhA Liaisons: Amelia Koster and Katelynn Jackson

South Dakota Pharmacy Technicians

  • President- John Thorns
  • President Elect- Cheryl Valburg
  • Secretary- Hope Showalter
  • Treasurer- Connie Mullett

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